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Past Shows

These are most of the shows Black Heart Booking has promoted or helped to co-promote with the artits, venues and other promotion companies since moving to Omaha in 2008.  Tragically, when MySpace trashed all of its content around 2012 all of the data for shows prior to 2008 were lost.  If you remember a show that's not shown here on this list, please let me know!


  • March 12 - Playboy Manbaby / Tiananmen Squares / The Rare Candies at Lookout Lounge

  • March 8 - Radio Hate / Cherokee Astro / Tiananmen Squares / The Bricks at the Drinkery

  • February 22 - HeavyWeight / RAF / Stronghold / Old Empires at Lookout Lounge

  • January 10 - Archaic 3 / Top-Notch Defective / Chin Check at the Drinkery

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